Friday, January 17, 2014

'Bad Political Management To Blame For Azmin-Khalid Feud', The Rakyat Post, 17 January 2014

Datuk Seri Anwar Ibrahim was to blame for the on-going but often denied rift between the Selangor menteri besar and PKR Vice-President Azmin Ali.

Political analyst Dr James Chin attributed the spat between Tan Sri Abdul Khalid Ibrahim and the Bukit Antarabangsa MP to bad political management.

“Anwar mismanaged the situation. What he should have done was to make a deal with them so they won’t fight over the MB post,” he told The Rakyat Post.

Chin was commenting on the recent removal of Azmin as a Selangor State Development Corporation (PKNS) board member, a move that has escalated speculation about the scuffle between the two.

Khalid has, however, denied that the decision was due to a personal rift.

Anwar was reported today as saying Azmin’s removal did not follow proper procedures.

The de-facto PKR leader should have given another post to Azmin, Chin added.

Despite the feud, which saw Anwar publicly backing Azmin and chastising Khalid on several occasions, Chin believed that support for the party would not be affected.

People, he explained, understood that the tiff between the duo was spurred by ambition.

Universiti Sains Malaysia Associate Professor Dr Sivamurugan Pandian echoed Chin’s take on ambition, pointing out that the PKR elections were just around the corner.

Removing Azmin could be a way of slowing down his ascent in the party.

“Khalid doesn’t have a good position in the party, but as a menteri besar he could influence decisions to go against Azmin,” the political analyst said.

He, however, agreed that this would in no way weaken the party.

Meanwhile, MCA Youth Central Committee member Datuk Ei Kim Hock said Khalid’s denial about having a part to play in Azmin’s removal was difficult to accept.

Ei  said PKNS was an investment arm under the Selangor Government’s purview and was in charge of promoting property development in Selangor.

He said Khalid, as the PKNS chairman, had absolute right to make any decision.

“Apparently, the PKR infighting has made PKNS its collateral damage. It is also ridiculous to know that a general manager can drop an appointed director, as claimed by Khalid,” he said in a statement today.


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