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'Wise Of Muhyiddin To Stay In UMNO', Free Malaysia Today, 3 March 2016


 | March 3, 2016
His voice will be weakened if he leaves the party, says an analyst.
KUALA LUMPUR: A political analyst has congratulated Muhyiddin Yassin for deciding to stay in Umno and to keep criticising its leadership from within.
Speaking to FMT, Sivamurugan Pandian of Universiti Sains Malaysia said the recently suspended Umno deputy president had made a wise decision.
“It allows him to show his supporters he’s still loyal to the party and still believes in its struggles.”
Muhyiddin today defied predictions and announced that he would not be leaving Umno.
Sivamurugan said Muhyiddin needed an official platform to raise his concerns on issues pertaining to the party.
Noting that Muhyiddin has been warned of outright dismissal from the party if he continues to attack it, he said it was admirable of him to be willing to take the risk.
“We’ll wait and see the outcome,” he said.
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'Gratitude Plea No Longer Works For BN', Free Malaysia Today, 3 March 2016

 | March 3, 2016
A political analyst speaks of a 'cultural change' brought on by greater political awareness.
sivamurugan-pandianPETALING JAYA: Malaysians are moving away from the culture of voting for the incumbent government out of gratitude or a sense of loyalty, according to political analyst Sivamurugan Pandian.
Speaking to FMT, the University Sains Malaysia lecturer said Barisan Nasional was finding it harder to persuade voters to elect it by appealing to the two sentiments.
He said this “cultural change” became evident in the 2008 election results and was accentuated in 2013.
“Members of the younger generation are not blindly following their parents; on the contrary, some are influencing their parents to cast votes against Barisan Nasional,” he said.
He said there existed a category of voters who were against the opposition but still would not give their votes to Barisan Nasional out of disappointment with its policies and decisions. These voters would cast votes they had deliberately spoiled as a sign of protest against the ruling government, he said.
Sivamurugan attributed the change in the tradition of voting for BN to the social media boom and to a rise in political awareness among rural youths who have migrated to the urban areas for work.
“The social media gives a wider range of information regardless of whether it’s true or false and because of that people are more educated now,” he said.
“Urbanised workers are no longer motivated by loyalty or gratitude but by concerns over current issues such as the cost of living, the candidate’s performance and so on.”
However, he said it was still too early to forecast the results for the 14th General Election.
“The election is still two years away; normally the issues that influence the voters most are those that emerge in the six months before the election,” he said.

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