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'Young Blood Could Be BN's Trump Cards In May 5 Polls', Bernama, 14 April 2013

Young Blood Could Be BN's Trump Cards In May 5 Polls
By Voom Miaw Ping and Soon Li Wei

KUALA LUMPUR, April 14 (Bernama) - The emergence of young blood in the Barisan Nasional (BN) candidacy line-up would be a boost to the coalition's image and in its battle to garner a bigger mandate in the May 5 polls.

It will prove that Prime Minister Datuk Seri Najib Tun Razak is walking the talk in his willingness to listen and engage with the youth in nation building.

It could also be the coalition's trump card and an attraction to woo the young generation especially the first time voters, said Tan Chuan Koon, Executive Director of Sedar Institute, a local political think-tank.

He said the need for more new faces is ever more pertinent now, following the changing political landscape in the country since 2008 where the more vocal and well-informed populace are taking more serious interest and participation in the current issues concerning the nation.

"Constituents now demand that their representatives do not just talk but are also able to perform up to their expectations.

"These youthful candidates will certainly appeal to this group of young voters as they are seen to be more energetic, savvy and knowledgeable. Voters would be better relate to them compared to the older generation of politicians," he told Bernama.

The need to feature more young new faces in the candidacy line-up is also important for BN in this general election, considering that young voters will be making up a huge chunk of the total electorate in this general election.

The Election Commission's statistics showed that 5.6 million (42 percent) of the total 13.3 million registered voters are young voters below 40 years old.

Of the number, 3,024,909 are in the age group of 30 to 39 years old while 2,539,222 of them are aged between 21 to 29 years old.

A fresher, younger and energetic candidacy line up would also serve well for Najib, who himself will only turn 60 this July, comparatively younger than most of his predecessors.

Moreover, it also means that BN will not be bogged down by the lethargy and political baggage borne by some old guns.

"Some had served for too many terms and would not be able to perform well. If they were re-nominated, I fear it would only appall the voters," Tan added.

Concurring with Tan, political analyst Assoc. Prof Dr P Sivamurugan said the need for more young new faces is also in line with Najib's political transformation agenda.

"And as he leads the country to become a developed nation, he definitely will need a team of young and dynamic leaders to work with him," he said.

He said the fact that more veteran politicians are bowing out from the political stage also signals the incoming of more new young blood into the scene.

He added that while the service of old and experienced politicians were still equally crucial, the election would provide BN leadership the platform to train and groom these young leaders to take over the party's and country's leadership in the future.

Sivamurugan believed that based on the trend and development in Najib's policy, the BN candidacy line-up this time will feature quite a substantial number of young professionals that cut across a broad area of expertise.

"The current situation demands wakil rakyat who are not only brainy, versatile but also hardworking, down to earth and people oriented," he said.

Meanwhile, Wanita MCA head Datuk Yu Chok Tow said it was important to feature new faces in the party to show the transformation that were being made and to give them an opportunity to serve the people.

"The introduction of new faces in the general election will certainly give them an opportunity to gain more experience in providing the best service to the rakyat," she said.


'BN Punya Kelebihan', Sinar Harian, 14 April 2013

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'USM Don Tells Lim To Accept Teng’s Condition', Free Malaysia Today, 1 April 2013


GEORGE TOWN: A local academic has urged DAP secretary-general Lim Guan Eng to stand for election in a racially mixed state constituency as proof of his commitment to being a chief minister for all Penangites.
Sivamurugan Pandian, an associate professor at Universiti Sains Malaysia, said he agreed with Penang Barisan Nasional chief Teng Chang Yeow that the ideal seat for Lim would be one representing large numbers of voters of various races.
Machang Bubok, Bukit Tengah, Sungai Bakap, Seberang Jaya, Batu Uban and Pantai Jerejak are among the seats that fit the bill.
Sivamurugan was commenting on the current media debate between the two rivals that began with a news report indicating that Teng had challenged Lim to an electoral duel.
“It’s a great chance for Lim to prove that he is really a CM for all, not just one particular community,” the lecturer told FMT.
“It’s also an opportunity for DAP to prove it is a multiracial party representing the interests of all ethnic groups.
“It’s important for Lim to receive his mandate from all ethnic groups after ruling Penang for five years.”
Yesterday, Lim said he would give up his parliament seat if Teng would meet him in Padang Kota, where the electorate is composed of 78% Chinese, 16% Indians and 6% Malays.
He said he would not accept any constituency chosen for Teng by Barisan Nasional.
At a press conference early today, Teng said he would like to contest for a multiracial seat because the result would show whether BN or Pakatan had more multiracial support.
“I maintain that I will decide the seat,” he said. “This contest is not about individuals. It is about policies.”
Sivamurugam said he could not understand why Lim would reject Teng’s proposition.
Teng insisted that he was not the one who drew first blood in the current debate.
“Many questions have been raised as to why I’m imposing conditions when the challenge came from me,” he said. “In fact, it was the opposite.”
He blamed what he said was an erroneous headline in Malaysiakini about the report that started his media repartee with Lim.
He said he should not be held responsible for the headline, which read: “Teng willing to face off with Guan Eng in GE13.”
“That title is the responsibility of Malaysiakini. What I clearly said was, ‘It’s up to Lim to contest against me.’”
He said that when Lim reacted the next day by accepting his challenge, he was “putting words into my mouth”.
“I deem his reaction the next day as his challenge to me. I accepted his challenge and imposed two conditions. One was that I would decide the seat and the other was that Lim could only contest a state seat.”
At a separate press conference today, Penang Umno youth chief Shaik Hussein Mydin also challenged Lim to fight Teng for a racially mixed seat.
“Or else, I can only assume that Lim is a racist and has no guts,” he said.

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