KUALA LUMPUR, March 10, 2015:
The United States government would have had its reasons to remove the petition to the White House that called for US President Barrack Obama to expedite Datuk Seri Anwar Ibrahim’s release.
Political analyst Dr. Sivamurugan Pandian said this when asked to comment whether the US had grounds to remove it and whether it was possible that the petition website could have been hacked.
This after a DAP lawmaker claimed that someone had hacked the petition website, which led to the webmaster removing it.
“Certainly the White House website is not easy to hack.
“The US government will definitely react rationally in regard to grounds to remove it. So it must have realised there was no valid support, so it removed it,” Sivamurugan told The Rakyat Post when contacted.
On the Opposition’s reaction to the petition, Sivamurugan opined that it was focusing too much on the petition and on Anwar, when there were internal issues to focus on.
“Even internally, it did not gain enough support. So it is trying to use external support to free him. It should find better grounds to face the government and whatever criticisms it has towards Barisan Nasional rather than focus solely on Anwar’s case.
“IT should instead focus on mending the differences that could bring Pakatan Rakyat together, especially between PAS and DAP.
“They should do this rather than rely on Anwar, who has always been able to glue the relationship between the parties,” he said.
Trying to make sense of reason the petition was removed, analyst Wong Chin Huat, who is the Fellow and Head of the Penang Institute’s Political and Social Analysis Section, said based on the petition’s policy, he wondered how the petition could have broken the requirements listed.
The Penang Institute is the public policy think tank of the Penang state government.
Wong noted the policy as stating that “petitions will not be selected for review or removal on the basis of the viewpoint they advance”.
He also pointed out that the two grounds upon which the petition could be removed included if it went beyond seeking government action or policies, or if it involved threats to individuals, obscene material, defamatory statements, or information that invaded privacy, among other factors.
“Is the US saying that the Obama administration cannot decide its top priorities on policy towards Malaysia to include release of Anwar?
“Since the moderation policy also promises that ‘the user who submitted the petition will be notified and have the opportunity to request reconsideration of the determination’, perhaps at least John Mallot, if not other petitioners, will be informed of the ground,” he told The Rakyat Post in an email response.
Wong also said that the “sabotage” on the petition could be counter-productive and that it could show that the US was “pleasing” Prime Minister Datuk Seri Najib Razak.
“This may simply upset many other Malaysians who earlier did not care much about the petition,” he added.